Hotel Consultancy

Sii has been in the online travel business for three decades, and during that time the LuxuryHunt founder has gained profound insight into luxury hospitality trends and amassed incomparable knowledge on who’s who and what’s what in the world of hospitality. With her finger on the pulse of the industry, she is in a unique position standing on the crossroads of past experience and the future of travel.

From unique service concepts to luxury brands that accelerate growth, Sii understands the necessity to balance the big picture vision with the small operational details to deliver results.

As a completely independent consultant, Sii can advise on the best solutions purely based on individual needs with the common goal to create long-term value for the client. 

Whether you’re a hotel owner looking for the best brand for your vision, a hotel operator seeking a specific addition to your team, or an aspiring hotelier wishing to learn more about the world of luxury travel, tap into Sii’s wealth of knowledge and global network of hoteliers.

Consultancy Services

In her strategic hotel consultancy role, Sii offers customized solutions to achieve maximum value for clients, drawing from her decades of experience to offer bias-free advice based on project destination and corresponding source market and specific demographics.

Her comprehensive range of consultancy services provides clients with a competitive edge, assisting both existing hotel owners looking to stay relevant in the hospitality space, as well as aspirational developers looking to make their first foray into the world of luxury travel.


Determine the best results-driven brand partner for the property to meet the hotel owner’s vision and specific needs. Analyze the nuances and potential of different brands, weighing up the value and exposure they bring to build a winning strategy for your property.

Hospitality Recruitment

Build a team from the top down – with Sii’s inside track to the best people in the industry, she can help track down the leaders of today that can put together the dream team of tomorrow. 

With her connections, Sii can introduce the ideal General Manager for the job, or source the best public relations, sales and marketing partners for your property. Top talent ensures a successful business and supports sustainable growth.


Identify the most compelling lifestyle aspects on offer at hotels in other parts of the world that can be specifically adapted to suit your property. Appealing amenities and services attract and retain contented guests.


Maximize the potential of your property and explore ways to meet the evolving demands of today’s travelers. Redefine your unique selling points for customers in the new normal. Collaborate with other lifestyle brands, and partner with the people with the right knowledge – be it architects, interior designers, beach club operators, or culinary experience purveyors – to stay competitive in the region and attract the guests you want for your property.

Private Travel

Deep dive into the intricacies of luxury hospitality. Sii can accompany hotel owners on trips to the right places, to meet the right people, and research everything they need to know about, first-hand. Have your eye on a brand? Why not check out what they do in the region? Or wish to expand your horizons, and draw inspiration from the world’s best? There’s no substitute for real experiences.

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