To travel is more than embarking on a journey… It is to be enriched and inspired through adventure, to be engaged in meaningful ways and, above all, to collect unique memories and stories along the way. Doing so in style – with a distinctive taste for all things beautiful and refined – can make this journey so much more rewarding.

Welcome to Luxury Hunt, an online luxury travel and lifestyle portal featuring a carefully curated selection of exceptional travel adventures. Our outstanding accommodation collections comprise only the very best hotels and resorts in a particular location; each with its own unique story to tell. These recommendations are created from a shortlist based on our personal experiences, plus reliable input from a well-traveled, like-minded network of trusted friends and associates.

We are passionate about travel and hope that by sharing our narrative – expressed through exquisite, exclusive and unique photography – Luxury Hunt will provide inspiration for exceptional journeys. With a been-there, done-that, must-try-when-you-go-there approach, we connect luxury travelers with cream-of-the-crop hospitality providers. The site's seamless integration with social media encourages the Luxury Hunt community to share experiences and to inspire wanderlust in one another.

Beyond hotels and resorts, Luxury Hunt aims to provide rare insights into a location, from fine dining, shopping and leisure activities to cultural riches and all sorts of engaging experiences that enhance the joys of travel. Every place, and everyone you meet along the way, has a story to tell. This is our story, captured with stunning images and retold through our own eyes.

The hunt is just the beginning. Do check back often for updates and new collections!


To LIVE a meaningful life through enriching experiences.
To LOVE the places, food, cultures and people we encounter along the way.
To TRAVEL and be a collector of inspiring adventures.

Authentic luxury, in our opinion, is an experience money cannot buy. We are re-interpreting luxury based on today's lifestyle – not in terms of a price tag, but based on intangible values. It is the kind of knowledge that can only be gained from first-hand experiences, the small touches that make a world of difference, and of course the luxury of time and freedom of choice.


Sii Eawsakul

Sii Eawsakul


Sii is one of the pioneers of the online travel business in Asia. In the early 1990s, she co founded and later led Asia Web Direct (AWD) as company CEO. The group's stable of high-profile travel sites includes Bangkok.com, Phuket.com and LateStays.com, which were later acquired by Australia-based Wotif.com Holdings Limited, where Sii stayed on as executive general manager of the Asian business unit until her departure in 2010. Wotif Group was later acquired by Expedia Inc. in 2014.

Unsurprisingly, Sii has a serious case of the travel bug and loves nothing more than experiencing new cultures, cuisines and meeting the local people that make each destination so unique. Her travel log reads like a wanderer's dream (made even more incredulous considering her fear of flying). Highlights include riding the blue Hiram Bingham train to Machu Picchu, bumping around on safari in Botswana, hiking in Peru, zigzagging across New Zealand on multiple road trips, cruising from Copenhagen to North Cape in Norway, sailing across the big blue to Papua New Guinea (she's a former sailor), getting lost in Luang Prabang, soaking up the Maldivian sun, or hanging out on her favorite local beach in Phuket.

When she's not working, Sii indulges in a re-discovered love for music - travelling to festivals and events where she can appreciate the culture of music in different parts of the world. She believes that no plan is the best plan when it comes to embarking on a journey, and lives by the motto, "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."

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