Top Luxury Yachts and Cruises

There's something about the notion of being out on the wide open ocean, charting routes to remote islands with the sea breeze as company, then dropping anchor at a private bay and enjoying an on-board barbecue as the sun dips beneath the ocean. Mother nature has an uncanny ability to shine a perspective on what really matters in life. 

The Caribbean and the Mediterranean are mature yachting destinations for good reason, but the Asia Pacific – including the delightful waters off southern Thailand – and the South Pacific – including Tahiti and Fiji – are fast catching up when it comes to luxury yachting lifestyle offerings. The Indian Ocean is probably the biggest draw for travelers to Maldives and Seychelles, and there’s nowhere closer to the ocean than gliding across her glassy surface.

If you’re serious about marine biodiversity, then you need to dip below the radar and dive into the big blue. Raja Ampat, a 1,500-strong island archipelago in Indonesia’s West Papua province, may be remote, but its underwater life and above-water, picture-perfect seascapes can turn even the most steadfast landlubbers into eager yachties.

To mark three years since our founder went on the road on a global luxury hunt, we are unveiling our first publication 

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Launched in April 2017, the inaugural 100 Best coffee table book highlights LuxuryHunt’s most inspiring travel experiences. The beautifully bound 708-page publication with gorgeous photography captures the essence of the LuxuryHunt journey which spans 26 countries across the globe. In addition, 100 Best showcases a curated selection of leading luxury brands through a series of special articles and features. The hunt continues for the second edition of 100 Best revealing in 2019…

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