Best Luxury Hotels in Vietnam

Snaking down from the soaring mountain peaks near its northern frontier, past the distracting shimmer of its stunning coves, craggy limestone karsts, and down to the sprawling Mekong Delta in the south, Vietnam serves up more than its fair share of natural treasures. Ho Chi Minh City in the southern part of the country has reinvented itself over the years to become a shining emblem of progress, but travel north, and you’ll come face to face with Old Vietnam, where the aroma of burning incense and roasting coffee beans still perfume the air.

The long, narrow stretch of land that comprises central Vietnam is home to a host of cultural and natural gems, from the sunny resort towns peppered along its coast to historical hotspots like Hue. Da Nang, with its ever changing skyline of stylish restaurants and fancy resorts, is a swanky torchbearer for the Vietnam of tomorrow, while the former trading town of Hoi An offers a glimpse back into a more gentle past with stunning architecture which reveals its intriguing heritage.

Heading north, the country's capital, Hanoi, forms the gateway to the Central Highlands with mountain hotspots like Sapa in one direction, and the mystical seascape of Ha Long Bay in the other. Leafy streets lined by attractive colonial architecture lend Hanoi its traditional allure, while a new influx of chic restaurants and designer boutiques give the city a sense of history in evolution.

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