Top luxury hotels in Tokyo

The capital city of Japan is dazzlingly frenetic. The street fashion at Harajuku is loud, the tuna auction at the world famous fish market is louder, and when the crowd roars at sumo tournaments is downright deafening. Come nightfall, the city turns into the land of the rising neon suns, with thronging nightlife-lined streets leading off into lantern-lit alleyways packed with yakitori joints and izakayas.

The Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Market, Meiji Shrine – we’re just getting started on the Tokyo hit list. Shop in Ginza, play in Shibuya, and go all out in Harajuku. Watch a sumo tournament, witness a raucous Shinto shrine festival, and pursue the otaku anime culture. Eat, and eat well, for this city reigns as the one with the most Michelin stars in the world.

‚ÄčEven the slickest of city slickers need some respite from the energy of it all, and for that, Tokyo has plenty of parks compete with temples, ponds, and exquisite gardens. If you’re looking for a sanctuary of the manmade kind, retreat to one of the handful of luxury hotels, where hospitality is perfected into an art form.

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