Top Luxury Hotels in Switzerland

Sometimes the smallest of countries exude the largest charisma, and just like its namesake army knives, Switzerland has something for everyone with a city, mountain, or lake to enchant even the most jaded traveler. This landlocked destination boasts a seductive draw, especially with the added promise of powder puff snow and après ski escapades in winter wonderlands like Gstaad, Andermatt, and St. Moritz. The Swiss lifestyle is refined, just like the chocolate truffles and pralines it is known for. And when it comes to urban pursuits, the cities offer sophisticated adventures that come a close second to the untamed great outdoors.

There’s no greener grass on the other side in Switzerland -- both sides are yours for the taking. During the winter months, the snow-capped Alps provide some of the best skiing and snowboarding (plus associated lifestyle) on the planet. Come summer, trekking and biking showcase a symphony of life in high definition and high fidelity.

While her natural wonders may be larger than life, Switzerland’s human-made attractions are no small wonder either. Head "downtown" to Zurich and indulge on a rooftop bar as you drink in the city/lake/mountain surroundings. Experience a real life fairytale old town, a swish shopping street, and when the travel itch starts, head for the lakes to discover charming shoreside towns and villages. All, of course, enjoyed with lashings of glorious Swiss hospitality.

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