Singapore Luxury Hotels

At first glance, the city-state might not be the obvious choice for an inspiring getaway; what with its lack of natural gems and a reputation as a favored regional hub for multinationals. But shield your eyes from the glare of the shiny skyscrapers (and my, aren't they shiny), look again, and behold, a whole new Lion City roars to life before your eyes.

The re-branded Garden City may have a manmade feel to it, but it is man and woman at their best, with the help of omnipresent natural greenery. Forget individual shopping malls, you can take your pick along an entire street lined with them. The Marina Bay area, with its familiar three-towered silhouette and impressive skyline, is where business meets pleasure. While the suited and booted are left in a universal class of their own, pockets of vibrant community provide a textbook definition of what "a melting pot of cultures" really means. From colonial grand dame to contemporary designer lofts, the top 10 luxury hotels in Singapore are as diverse as they are divine.

Urban pursuits or resort indulgences? Flitting between both is easily achievable in the compact city-state. A dedicated resort island expertly doles out family entertainment with the likes of Universal Studios celebrating mankind's creativity; all in a country which was lauded as the Best in Travel 2015.

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