Best Luxury Hotels in Oman

Avoiding the competition to become the newest and most flashy destination in the Middle East, Oman graciously proves that you don’t have to shout to shine. The stunning geography already has nature on its side, with attractions ranging from jagged barren mountains to wind-whipped deserts and hidden coves draped with white sand. Add to that souks that will take you on a sensory journey, plus crumbling forts and ruins hinting at the country’s seriously ancient past, and you soon discover a destination that’s as spellbinding and mystical as the frankincense it’s known for.

Silhouettes of forts and domed mosque roofs rise against a backdrop of mountain and sea in the capital Muscat, a city that has been at the crossroads of trade since antiquity. To see this commerce alive and thriving, duck into a souk, where narrow, perfume-laden alleyways are packed to the brim with textiles and goods from exotic destinations around the globe.

The (hand-woven) magic carpets rides in Oman come in many forms. A camel trek will suit those seeking a ride in the slow lane – although not quite so slow if you see the beasts in races. More leisurely still is a dhow adventure, sailing through dramatic fjords as dolphins frolic in the wake. Or to lift the adrenaline level, a four-wheel drive adventure lets you explore the desert vastness and its legendary wadis, or valley oases

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