Maldives Luxury Hotels

A never-ending list of attractions might be the fodder of destination marketers’ dreams, but a few places on the planet still prove that being a “jack of all enticements” is no better than being master of one.

Instead of exclaiming “look within our land at all we have!”, this coral-atoll nation, ever so nonchalantly sprinkled across the Indian Ocean, graciously diverts your gaze to the 50 Shades of Blue under the water’s surface, and above – as far as the eye can see. Resort island, island resort … with all the major resorts commandeering their own private atoll, they’re one and the same – the top luxury hotels in the Maldives are exclusively fabulous and fabulously exclusive. While the sea-sand-sun trinity might prevail as the principal focus of a Maldivian adventure, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the setting (cue destination marketers).

Get wet with manta rays and whale sharks, or throw on your snorkel for an impromptu date with the colorful reef creatures. Stay dry in a submarine while you discover coral kingdoms, or go above the surface and spot dolphins and whales from your private charter yacht. Get playful, and dance across the waters while enjoying a few watersports, or get high and soar above the scenery in a seaplane. When the night sets in, get down at underwater nightclubs and bars, or stay bedazzled beneath a blanket of stars. Above all else, be entranced by the sunny side of life in our selection of the best Maldives luxury hotels.

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