Top Luxury Hotels in Malaysia

Malaysia is multi-ethnic, multi-culture, and geographically diverse – “truly Asia”, if you will. From its tea plantations in Cameron Highlights and sprawling cities to colonial-styled cities, Malaysia is everyone’s cup of teh tarik.

Scuba dive off Sipadan. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage towns of Penang and Melaka. Scale the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia. Just remember to keep your heart and mind open, because wherever you go, there will be side adventures that await your discovery.

​If tropical getaways are your thing, Malaysia has plenty to offer. One of the most visited destinations is Langkawi, a cluster of 99 dense jungle-clad islands. The biggest namesake island is where you’ll find private coves with some of the most stunning hotels in the world. And you want to see what the soaring eagles here see, take a cable car ride to get a new perspective on things.

Two years since the inaugural publication, we’re back with a bigger and better 2nd edition of

100 BEST 2019-2020

Launched in April 2019, the second edition of 100 Best coffee table book highlights LuxuryHunt’s latest travel experiences in 26 countries across the globe, including in new destinations from Cuba to Kenya. The expanded 744-page publication now comes in two sizes and features the same gorgeous photography which has captured the essence of the journey since 2014. For the first time, the 2019/2020 edition of 100 BEST also features people, experiences and brands.

A series of launch events during 2019 brings the 2019/2020 100 BEST to Phuket, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bali, Zürich, London, Chengdu, New York and Bangkok.

100 BEST 2019-2020 Collection

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