Top Luxury Hotels in Indonesia

Its capital is a heaving mega-city and the largest in Southeast Asia. Its slice of Borneo is home to thick jungles and wild orangutans. Its islands, simply legendary. Indonesia is a country of many faces, each of them luring wanderlust souls to get lost in the urban tapestry or to find themselves in a spiritual oasis.

When it came to landscape, mother nature was generous to the archipelagic nation, blessing Indonesia with the most islands, the most active volcanoes, and the second large swathe of virgin tropical forest in the world. In the capital Jakarta, a perpetual layer of smog and constant city hum belies the slick urban pursuits waiting to be unearthed, from affluent wine bars to gleaming city hotels.

Bali, the smallest province of the country, punches way above her weight when it comes to attracting visitors. Striking volcanic silhouettes loom high over clifftop resorts, perched majestically over the glittering ocean. An enchanting weave of unique cultures is reflected through an eclectic array of art and design, all yours to enjoy if you know where to look. Detox with yoga, spirituality, and surf; retox with beach parties and urban temptations – mix and match for a wonderful experience in Indonesia.

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