Top Luxury Hotels in Hong Kong

In this globalized day and age, few cities if any, are able to claim a sense of "mystique". Yet Hong Kong, global financial powerhouse with a complex east-meets-west identity (before the phrase was used to describe everything from interior design to cuisine) still holds on to its "mystical Far East" appeal.

The dense assemblage of skyscrapers reaches for the heavens, each one jostling for a star turn in the vertical skyline. Between the monolithic towers, narrow alleyways lead to endless adventures, from the world's cheapest eats to Michelin starred treats and open air dai pai dong food stalls to traditional Cantonese Opera Houses and frenzied racecourses. For the uninitiated, the sheer amount of city can be a jolt, while return visitors gleefully look, never too far, for another adventure in the urban jungle.

A large chunk of territory is protected as nature reserve; the city also hosts some urban sanctuaries in the form of luxury hotels in the sky. As one of the most dynamic enclaves in the world, Hong Kong is a living, breathing organism, one that repels and attracts with a magnetism that is pretty hard to escape.

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