Top Luxury Hotels in China & Hong Kong

The Middle Kingdom was once the center of the universe. Now all eyes are back on China as it flexes its economic muscles with the best money can buy, complemented by an ancient history of fascinating dynasties more dazzling than any pot of gold. The capital Beijing may have its share of modern buildings and new-world luxe, but one just has to look at the Forbidden City complex to know that living well is something this vast nation has perfected over millennia. In newer Shanghai, the dense assemblage of skyscrapers reaches for the heavens, each one jostling for a star turn in the vertical skyline along the shimmering waterfront.

In Hong Kong, a large chunk of territory is protected as nature reserve; the destination also hosts urban sanctuaries in the form of luxury hotels in the sky. The top 10 luxury hotels in Hong Kong? More like the best luxury hotels in the world. For the uninitiated, the sheer amount of city can be a jolt, while return visitors gleefully look, never too far, for another adventure in the urban jungle. As one of the most dynamic enclaves in the world, Hong Kong is a living, breathing organism, one that repels and attracts with a magnetism that is pretty hard to escape.

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