Best Luxury Hotels in Cambodia

From the mighty Khmer empire of Angkor to the more troubled history of recent times, Cambodia has been the location for some of mankind’s highest and lowest milestones. Ancient temples there are many, rivaled only by the country’s natural beauty, which has managed to stay relatively untainted, making it a ripe picking ground for rich adventures and rare experiences.

Over a millennium after Angkor put the Khmer Empire on the world map, the city – now a UNESCO Heritage-listed archaeological site – still draws visitors by the millions to witness the greatness of an ancient civilization shining proudly through the ruins. It is definitely not the only temple complex of note in the country. Cambodia is blessed with a plethora of breathtaking shrines, from those bustling with the devout city-dwellers making their offerings of bananas and jasmine flowers, to jungle-clad ruins, forgotten in time.

Besides Siem Reap – the gateway to Angkor Wat – the only other destination to boast an international airport, Phnom Penh, might not be the obvious traveler’s choice, especially with competition from Sihanoukville’s sandy shores and gorgeous offshore islands to explore, but the capital city is interesting in its own right. Phnom Penh boasts a definite Khmer vibe that’s sleepy yet exhilarating and peppered with hints of French colonialism and whispers of Southeast Asian intrigue. Whether encountered on the city streets or village lanes, the Cambodian people are some of the warmest souls you’ll ever meet.

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