Bangkok, Ayutthaya & Khaoyai Luxury Hotels

From titillating street food and a creative homegrown subculture to swanky bars and gilded malls, it's no wonder the Thai capital regularly ranks in the world's best city lists. Add to that the fact that the 10 million-strong metropolis is recognized as one of the best value cities in the world, and you have an enthralling urban destination that can be whatever you want her to be: City of Sin or City of Angels. And in any of the top 10 luxury hotels in Bangkok? It's a city of your wildest city dreams.

The capital city itself is often overlooked for more exotic-sounding tropical shores, but give her a chance and scratch the surface just a bit — even seasoned visitors might be surprised at what tricks and treats she has up her sleeves each time around. We promise, you will not need to search hard for an alleyway adventures to embark on, or the most full-options luxury hotel collection Asia has put together.

But as they say, too much of anything is not good, so as fantastic Bangkok is, sometimes you need to step back to let it all sink in. If it is whispers of history that beckon, head upstream to Ayutthaya, where UNESCO Heritage-listed ruins tell a tale of an ancient mighty kingdom. But if it is the call of the wild that piques your interest, Khaoyai – home to the oldest national park in Thailand – is where you need to be.

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