Top Luxury Hotels in the United States of America

Whether or not you believe the USA is the “greatest country on earth”, there’s no denying that it’s most definitely up there in the “greatest countries on earth to visit” list. The locals are friendly, the sky is big, and the roads are endless – the ideal combination for all great travel stories.

The unifying factor of the USA is its diversity, the people or the landscape, the latter ranging from snow-capped mountains and red sand-blanketed deserts to fiery volcanos and icy glaciers. What really gives the country a life of its own, though, is its people, proudly individual and proudly flying their own heritage through culture and cuisine.

​New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas – the country has its fair share of big cities, each with fame that reaches far across the globe. It’s in these beehives of civilization that mankind’s genius is showcased through music, performance, and the arts. Whether on the open road or in the urban labyrinth, there are few places we’d rather be lost in.

Two years since the inaugural publication, we’re back with a bigger and better 2nd edition of

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Launched in April 2019, the second edition of 100 Best coffee table book highlights LuxuryHunt’s latest travel experiences in 26 countries across the globe, including in new destinations from Cuba to Kenya. The expanded 744-page publication now comes in two sizes and features the same gorgeous photography which has captured the essence of the journey since 2014. For the first time, the 2019/2020 edition of 100 BEST also features people, experiences and brands.

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100 BEST 2019-2020 Collection


There are not many destinations in the world as synonymous with the term holiday hotspot as Miami. Of course, there’s Walt Disney World, but the city’s magical in more ways than one. The wide swathes of white sandy beach peppered with palm trees are an obvious place to start, and a main highlight of the luxury hotels in Miami.

Beautiful people on beautiful beaches. Ritzy shopping malls showacasing glitz and glamor. The daytime is hot, and the nighttime is just as steamy, with South Beach serving up some of the best nightlife in the world.

​There’s South Beach, North Beach, Miami Beach. There’s cruises, yachting, and golf. There’s the Art Deco district and Little Havana adding depth to the city’s multiculturalism and living heritage. There’s truly something for everyone in The Magic City.

New York City

Broadway. Fifth Avenue. Central Park. The Met. Times Square. Even if you’ve never been to New York, you know something about it. In a city so dense, you find the best, the most raw, the shiniest, the most chaotic – whichever way the apple falls, it’s a city that looks, smells, and pulsates with humanity.

Five distinct boroughs give a feeling of five mini-cities (and endless neighborhoods) within New York City itself. For the quintessential Big Apple experience, Manhattan’s got all your check-list checkables plus others for you to discover from a New York luxury hotel base. For different vibes, hit up Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

It’s a ruthless game of survival of the fittest, and the winners are the consumers. The best food, the best shops, the best hotels in New York, they’ve all been through the mill and come up top. Its ‘Center of the Universe’ moniker doesn’t seem so far-fetched now, does it?


Otherworldly terrains make for out-of-this-world experiences, and Utah has many. From red-rock cliffs and snow white salt flats to theatrical rock formations and sandstone arches, there’s a never-ending list of the naturally weird and wonderful. Coincidentally, some of the most unique hotels in Utah are also some of the most spectacular in the world.