Abu Dhabi Luxury Hotels

Pry your eyes away from Dubai’s neon-laced come-hitherness and let them adjust to Abu Dhabi’s allure, which is gentler on the windows of your soul. The UAE capital might not be as well known as its fellow emirate, but if you’re seeking tales of the Arabian night sky and adventures under the Persian sun, you’ve picked the right spot.

Grand palace hotels and even grander mosques, this place is just dripping with mystique and culture. And when you can’t go to the world, let the mankind’s finest come to you; when complete, the capital’s impressive cultural district will be home to the national museum, as well as UAE outposts of the Louvre and Guggenheim museums.

Think the sand dunes are spectacular by day? Try staying overnight on a desert safari in a Bedouin tent and let the blanket of stars prove the point. If you’re thinking more seaview than sandview, take your pick from the modern skyline that extends along the Corniche seafront promenade, home to (at least a big handful of the) top 10 luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi. While we’re at it, let’s just mention Ferrari World and Waterworld — when you’re in Abu Dhabi, it’s your holiday, your world.

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